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for my friends Date: Jul 17th @ 7:39pm EDT
Hello my dear and beloved friends, in August I want to go on vacation for 10 days. Relax, get a nice and beautiful tan, swim in the Crimean Sea. To take care of your body and health. I invite you to my room for a good time together :) Help me in this month to earn myself a good omission. And in a private show I will fulfill all your desires :)
Thank you!!! Date: Jul 11th @ 5:55pm EDT
Dough_Boy:) Thank you for the support of my esteemed friend
I won the contest Date: Jul 1st @ 5:45pm EDT
I want to express my gratitude, my good and beloved friends! Tklu2submission illinoisguy2006 markallen2406 Latinguy30 Dough_Boy stan102 5280guy4y guys thank you for my victory :) it was difficult but we did it.
A bit about the disney collection Date: Jun 28th @ 7:18pm EDT
Hello my dear friends, today I want to share with you my small collection :)
Hello my friends. Date: May 25th @ 12:36am EDT
Hello my dear friends, I will return to you very soon;) I love you and really miss you. Your Evan!!
Hi guys, I started reading a new book by Remarque Date: Apr 26th @ 7:20pm EDT
"Life on loan" Remarque begins with the fact that racing driver Clerfe comes to a sanatorium for lung patients to visit his friend and colleague on the race. During her visit, Clerfe meets a woman named Lillian, who has tuberculosis, who has very little to live on. They are imbued with mutual sympathy and Lillian leaves the sanatorium to have time to see life and live. They go to Paris and begin there to lead the way that Lillian likes: she sews clothes, they visit restaurants, museums, travel, etc. She slowly falls in love with her and wants to keep her at any cost, and Lillian aspires to live each Day full, greedily. Lillian tries to get from a life she has not seen, more, but can not be attached to anything and little that pleases her. Clerfe offers her marriage, but can not interest her with their future family life, since Lillian has no future.
In the end, Lillian agrees to marry Clerfe, planning to escape from him while he is busy, but her plans did not come true, as during one of the races Clerfe falls into an accident and dies of the injuries. Shortly afterwards, Boris Volkov, another patient of the pulmonary sanatorium, fervently loving Lillian, comes to Lillian and takes her back to the sanatorium, as Lillian realized that the life she tried to lead outside the sanatorium is someone else's, not hers. Six weeks after his return, Lillian dies.
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